Our Favourite Project

I’ve worked on so many amazing projects.

But one really stands out. ????

Over my 20 years with Airview, I’ve led photo shoots all around Australia.

There have been so many wonderful projects and shoots, but one, in particular, holds a very special place in my heart. Seven years ago, we started working with Lend Lease on the Barangaroo project.

At the time, they were just in the initial stages of developing the Docklands of Sydney.

They brought us on board to supply aerial photography of the area through every stage of development.

As a result, we’ve been able to witness the stunning transformation of the area first-hand.

This 22-hectare piece of land started as a disused container wharf.

But after seven years of hard work and wonderful imagination, it’s been transformed into a thriving waterfront community.

The area now includes residential and commercial developments, parks, and plenty of art and culture for everyone to enjoy.

See the photos to witness the incredible change the area has undergone. And make sure to check it out in person if you’re ever in the area.

The development is scheduled to be completed in the next two years.