Airview Aerial Photography delivers high resolution still photography through custom photoshoots using fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs or drones). Aerial stills are applicable to a wide variety of industries, uses and formats. Please look at our galleries and our industries page for lots of photos and applications for particular industries.

How We Work


    Airview Group can take flight in all aircraft types – from helicopters to drones, to fixed wing aircraft – but our multi-disciplinary expertise means knowing exactly which flight asset will best deliver the perfect aerial imagery for each unique brief.

    Across our two decades worth of experience and skill development, our Airview team has specialised in helicopter-based imagery, with Airview Group now recognised as Sydney’s pre-eminent company for helicopter based aerial photography.


    At Airview we choose Canon cameras and lenses for all our aerial photo work. The Canon 5D SR and the Canon 1DX Mark 2 do all the heavy lifting, while a full suite of L series and prime lenses complete the gear list. We also use the Sony A7 III on some Drone shoots, and it is a camera that is available on request.


    Airview offers full edit suite facilities ensuring professional results and fast turnaround for our clients. We also offer a double backed-up storage facility, ensuring that all of our clients have access to a permanent archive of all past work. This service has proven a lifesaver on the rare occasions that our clients’ images are lost. We are quickly able to search, retrieve and resend their images.


The quality of our aerial photography is our pride and passion, and we only give the best of the best to our clients. For this reason, our shoots are weather dependent. We need clear, sunny days to achieve the best result for you. Therefore, please give us as much notice as possible for a custom photo shoot. 7-10 days will allow us to select the clearest day to ensure the best results for your photographs. For urgent shoots where less than 48hrs notice is given and/or if we have to fly for your job only, then urgent prices will apply and we will quote you this. Plenty of notice allows us to group multiple jobs per shoot, enabling us to keep our prices affordable. We aim to deliver images the next business day following your shoot. However some limitations do apply, such as large sites that have many more images that normal, and may take longer to process and edit.

Airview has worked with many of the major residential and commercial real estate agencies in Australia, providing high quality images for the promotion of residential and commercial properties. All properties have different qualities, and require individual consideration when it comes to their marketing and promotion. Airview puts all our effort into providing the ideal shots for your campaign. Our Real Estate Package includes 8 – 10 high resolution aerials for your use in print media, website, brochure and billboards, to help your agency get the best exposure for your property.

Many of Australia’s largest construction and Property Development companies have discovered the advantages of Airview’s Aerial Photography for construction progress reporting. Aerial photos are the best way to obtain a regular, visual picture of the ongoing progress of your project. We provide regular shots taken from the same angle to view overall change, plus several more detailed images of specific areas of the development. Let us know which areas to focus on, and the images will be delivered to you as often as you need – weekly, fortnightly, monthly or as often as you specify.

Aerial Photography is a brilliant and cost-effect way to document, highlight and market multiple property assets, including houses, office towers, hotels, commercial developments, shopping centres and resorts. These aerial photographs can be used in many different ways: marketing materials, presentations, slideshows, printed photo books, albums, framed prints for board rooms or reception areas, web images, and in company reports. We offer packages to shoot multiple sites, which provide excellent value over single site shoots. We can organise to shoot your assets wherever they are located. Please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch to discuss your needs and give you a free quote.

Airview offers its services to Tourism bodies, resorts, hotels, travel magazines and agents. We’ve done aerial photography shoots for tourism campaigns across Oceania, Asia and North America. Airview has special skills to capture images to create exceptional promotional posters, billboards and other artwork for your tourism campaigns.

Recent trends in environmental protection and planning are demonstrating to many organisations the benefits of being able to display their projects and achievements with clarity. With images from Airview, mining companies, power producers, agricultural enterprises, real estate developers, banks and other financial institutions are now benefiting from the ability to track, and manage their environmental impact, as well as promote their environmental credentials.

How To Get Started With Aerial Photography

Filling in the form below will enable us to respond to you quickly and make sure we can schedule your photography shoot for when you need it. Please only use this form if you’re interested in booking an aerial photography shoot or would like more information about aerial photography, including a quote for your custom shoot. If you would like to contact us generally, please use the form on our contact us page.

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Airview’s pricing for aerial photography is based on many factors, including aircraft costs, distance to the site, urgency of the shoot, complexity of the shoot, time of day, and time required over the site. To accurately quote on your job, we require the following information:

– the address of the property or site, and it’s approximate size (area)
– any specific shots you require, eg vertical view (straight down), close ups on particular areas or features, shots showing proximity to specific places – the CBD, the beach, the freeway off ramp etc.
– your deadline for delivery of the photos
– whether you require perfect weather, or can use shots taken on a less-than-perfect day
– if you want the shots edited and how much editing you require

All of these variables can affect the time required to obtain your shots, and therefore the price of the shoot. As each new job will require an individual quotation, please provide us with much information about your requirements as possible, so that we can be sure we quote an accurate and valuable price. We offer package discounts for multiple sites, or for regular shoots.

A standard shoot will always include 8-10 high resolution images of the site. We can provide more shots if the site is very large. We provide a range of different shots for each shoot. We operate across Australia in metropolitan, regional and rural areas. In these areas we do not have a standard price, and will quote you for each job so that you are getting the best value for what you want to accomplish. Further to this, Airview operates internationally and can quote and organise your aerial photography needs efficiently and professionally. If there is anything you need that you don’t see here, please contact us on our contact page or using the form above for a quote.