Specialising in the support of emergency services, Airview Fire and Surveillance is your provider of choice for fire, flood and emergency search and rescue aerial surveillance. AFS offers its clients state of the art, multi-faceted and cost effective aerial surveillance solutions, nationwide.
Whether it’s surveying pipelines for cracks or damage, or monitoring a dangerous situation from a safe distance, Airview Fire and Survey has you covered.

What We Do


    Fire fighters need all the help they can get. That’s why we provide detailed live video and thermal imaging of fires – from house fires, to bush and forest fires. We support the crews battling fires on the ground so they can be more effective in their efforts, and be as safe as possible in the process.


    When you need to know exactly what is going on in any area, no matter how remote, inaccessable or private, Airview’s investigative surveys provide all the answers. Our investigative surveys provide the ideal information source for identifying and managing issues relating to all forms of land and water usage – including: Urban Planning, Logging, Mining, and Gas Development, Water License Management,Building Developments, National Parks, Large Scale Rural Enterprise and River and Catchment Management


    We can be a mile away and never be noticed. Surveillance can be very effective in monitoring assets, processes or other key assets or actions. We can provide day and night surveillance from great distances with brilliant accuracy through our special, multi-sensor camera systems.


Since it’s inception in 2007, Airview Fire & Surveillance has become the preferred supplier to the NSW Rural Fire Service, and is a trusted leader in the field of aerial video surveillance in Australia. AFS offers its clients professional cost effective aerial survey solutions that include:
– High Definition video 1920×1080 output.
– Long-range zoom lens; 25x (16.5mm to 413mm)
– Infrared long-range, mid-wave thermal imaging
– Live video and mapping streaming options.
– Live and post mission video review services.
– Full pinpoint GPS mapping of assets and areas.
-A highly trained professional team with many years of industry experience.

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