Airview Fire Recon

Specialising in the support of bushfire agencies and emergency services, Airview Fire Recon (AFR) has established itself over eighteen years as a leading supplier of aerial fire vision and recon data.
AFR offers its clients state of the art, real time, multi-faceted aerial reconnaissance solutions.
Military grade multi sensor camera packages, detailed high resolution mapping options, virtual overlays and now introducing real time AI assisted fire analysis programs providing fire agencies and fire incident commanders the vital fire intel they need, when they need it, delivered securely to any internet enabled workstation or mobile device.

What We Do


Since it’s inception in 2007, Airview Fire Recon (AFR) has been the chosen Specialist Information Gathering (SIG) contractor to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service and now the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services. Airview Fire Recon is the trusted leader in the field of aerial fire reconnaissance in Australia. AFR offers its clients aerial fire recon solutions that include:
– High Definition video 1920×1080 output.
– Long-range zoom lens; 25x (16.5mm to 413mm)
– Infrared long-range, mid-wave thermal imaging
– Live video and mapping streaming options.
– Live and post mission video review services.
– Full pinpoint GPS mapping of assets and areas.
-A highly trained professional team with many years of industry experience.

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