About Us

Do you love beautiful images? Do you use aerial images in your business or your creative practice? Would having a bird’s-eye view mean wowing your customers and friends, or would it give you a totally different perspective on your business and life.

Aerial Imagery can be a very effective tool for marketing and showing a wide range of assets. From construction sites to large commercial property portfolios, aerial imagery enables you to show off an asset at its best.

Of course there are other applications too. What’s a blockbuster movie without dramatic aerial scenes to set the stage for an incredible action sequence?

What’s a tourism campaign without sunset aerials of a beautiful city or landscape?

The thing is, aerial imagery is all around and you probably interact with it more than you realise. And the difference between good aerial imagery and anything else is as different as night and day.

Airview Group is the best place to come for beautiful aerial photographs and video. We’ve been delivering superior aerial imagery since 2002. It’s our expertise, it’s our passion and we’re committed to delivering to you the best imagery. Period.

What we do

We provide superior aerial photography and filming solutions to capture the best imagery for your needs.


Our aerial photography can be used for almost any purpose you can think of. Using the latest camera gear available, we provide high resolution digital images in raw or edited form, right to your inbox.


Aerial filming is a very powerful addition to film, television and live broadcast situations. We provide complete solutions for capturing HD footage for all applications, including video production, film and TV production, as well as being able to provide live broadcast solutions.


An eye in the sky is the best way to keep an eye on things and we can do this better than anyone. We have special camera systems custom built to provide exceptional clarity for surveying assets, land and other physical features. We provide thermal imaging to fire and rescue crews, and we can provide an ideal platform for long-range aerial surveillance for buildings, police and military operations and any physical asset.


We put a lot of effort into learning your needs. This combined with our experience yields a powerful and effective result. It’s our promise that we are there for you, will respond to you promptly and will always treat you in a friendly and professional manner.


Our aerial photography is the best that you’ll find, and that comes only with a lot of practice. We do our best to be competitive with our pricing, though our priority is making sure we provide you with the best value possible. We want to make sure you’re getting the best images for your needs, and that is what we focus on when working with you.


Data security is of utmost importance and that’s why even after we’ve delivered your images to you, we keep a secure backup that you can access 24/7. We ensure that you’re never without the images you need to get a job done.

Our Team

Stephen Brookes

Chairman and CEO

Lucinda Varney

Aerial Planning Coordinator & Office Manager

Mark Wigglesworth

General Manager – Filming, Fire & Surveillance

Robyn Bryen

Accounts Manager

Our Team