How technology is changing aerial photography

Technology is advancing.

It’s changing aerial photography.

Technology is constantly developing, and it’s having a major impact on virtually every industry.

Aerial photography is certainly no exception.

I’ve seen big changes take place over the last six or seven years, it has enabled us to change how we acquire a lot of our photos.

This has been primarily due to the advent of drones.

This technology has opened up a whole new world to us, allowing us to capture photography and video we might not have been able to ten years ago.

Drone technology is improving all the time, and its capabilities are continually growing.

Although the use of drones is heavily restricted in urban areas, we have used this new medium on many projects over the last seven years.

I believe these restrictions will ease over time as civil aviation authorities develop better ways to ensure safe operations and the drones themselves become more advanced and reliable.

This could very well lead to drones taking over much of the work currently performed by helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.

Although this will happen over time, I do believe this technology has already changed our industry dramatically for the better and will continue to do so going forward.

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