The 5 Things to Include in your Aerial Photography Brief

I hired an aerial photographer for a job.

But I didn’t get the photos I wanted. ????

I hear this story all too often.

People pay a photographer good money to go and shoot their site but when they finally get their photos, they’re disappointed.

Sometimes it’s the photographer that didn’t do their job properly. But in my experience, when this happens it’s often because the photographer wasn’t given a detailed brief beforehand.

I mentioned how important a good brief is in a previous post.

A really great brief can make all the difference, so I wanted to go over the five most important things to include in your aerial photography brief and provide your photographer with as much info as you can.

First is clear boundaries for the property that’s being photographed.

Second is the correct address and location info to help us find the property. Google Maps is great for this.

Third is to let us know what the key objectives for the shoot are.

Fourth is what time of day you want the shot to take place.

And finally, what is the deadline for your project or media.

If you include all of this information in your brief you’ll make it much easier for your photographer to deliver the desired results.