How Airview Group works with NSW Rural Fire Services

One of the things I’m most proud of when it comes to Airview Group is our work with NSW Rural Fire Services.

In addition to offering aerial photography for businesses, we also provide fire surveillance services to help firefighters prevent, manage and fight bushfires.

As you can imagine, last year was extremely challenging for all concerned.

I watched the Airview fire surveillance team put in days, weeks and months of continuous hard work.

The team worked literally day and night and continuously showed an amazing commitment to doing what they do best.

Helping to protect properties and lives throughout the season.

I’m very proud of our team as their efforts were key to helping fight these fires all over the state, so I want to congratulate them on a job well done and thank them for their tremendous efforts.

Here are a few shots and videos I have collected over the years and throughout this last bushfire season.

These were by far the worst fires I’ve seen in over 15 years working with fire services.

All of us at Airview would like to wish everyone who was affected by these fires a speedy recovery and the hope of a much quieter 2020/2021 fire season.